Instagram logo

Instagram is the photo sharing app that is owned by Facebook and responsible for cultural highlights as hot dog legs. Its new logo was introduced that was very interesting to see and very attractive to use. Instagram followers use Instagram to get more attraction in the community of their friends.

There was some kind of tech logos out there but now they have been replaced and featured as the new ones that are available in different colors and styles of eye-catching.

the new logo was introduced via blog post that is the longer post on a medium from the head of design. It was made a short introductory film to introduce its design and color to the people. this one is quite cute and attractive that pleased the eyes.

The design was made after the main discussion of Instagram community and it was developed a design and has so much attractive colors in it. it is the global community to make strong decisions about the Instagram to make the users happy and prosper.

Instagram is the platform on which almost 80m photos are shared daily among the people to get more attraction and to make the relations more strong.

Logo of any company has great value because it shows its status and strength. It is the largest platform that amuses the people and allows them to share photos and videos with their relatives and friends who live far away from them.

It is almost used in all over the world because of its best performance and attractive functions for the users. It is very easy to use and has earned popularity in no time that the people have forgotten old sources and they love to use the new and attractive brand of Instagram because it has the power to meet all its needs and qualities.

It has instructions for the users to use it effectively. It is the best app that has been introduced for the people to amuse them and to enhance the opportunity for their business.

All the members of a special Instagram community have introduced the attractive and eye-catching branded design for this app. It is very beautiful in look and has great touch. These are its functions and performances that the people love to use Instagram.

How should Digital Marketing Agencies Improve Customer Support

Clients are the lifeline of many businesses. If there are no customers, you probably won’t have enough to sustain your businesses. That is why marketing agencies, whether you’re from a digital marketing team from Ukraine or any other country, remains a very delicate importance. It is to be taken on a serious note that improving your company’s client support is tantamount to gaining better advantages. How should a l marketing agency improve it, then? Follow these tips to gain the best possible advantage.

Understand the process of communication with clients

In the world of marketing, selling, and most importantly, client support, processes are lifesavers. Processes will keep you on the right track and will tell you what to do next. In customer support, a clear system should be present to avoid confusions. There should be a point-person should a client have any questions regarding a category or any other problem that may arise. Make it certain that the person knows how to handle the questions, though.

Many cases state that customers hate being transferred back and forth different departments. They would all like their question to be answered. The first time should be the last time. It may get repeated once but not twice. You should try to not get on the bad side of the clients. Constant transfers will do that. Answers that are far off do that, too.

Make the client understand what they want

Sometimes, clients just come barging in without a concrete, well-thought plan. Their efforts should not be wasted, though. A great digital marketing agency can turn a complete disaster into a shining moment for client and agency. All you need to do is to listen to the proposition, understand it, make the client understand the need for adjustments to make it feasible and there you have it. You develop a caring rapport while helping the client’s suggestions become real.

It should be noted that client’s love it when their suggestions are put into action. Make sure you take advantage of this but adjust it accordingly to make it possible.

Care for your clients

Think of it this way: would you consider risking yourself for a company that only goes for the money? You should show sincere care for your clients. Inform them if they are making some bad marketing decisions. Inform them if you think their money is just going to go down the drain. The best marketing agencies do not let their client’s go bankrupt. You may get much profit from a faulty marketing decision. You, however, will develop a reputation of being in it only for the money.

In the end, caring for your clients remains one of the essential trait and skill you should develop. Digital marketing not only does things for the profit, marketing agencies also do it to help companies make a name for themselves.

Do these tips to make sure you develop great rapport with your clients. Aim for a lasting relationship and not a one time deal.



The telepo cloud phone system is becoming one of the most important and fastest growing communication solutions and has extremely changed the communication sector. It has changed the way how people connect and communicates with others. The telepo cloud phone system is the most reliable, simple and powerful way of communication.

The telepo cloud phone system is the telecom or phone services that can be purchased easily online or on internet. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system has helped the business in many ways. A user of the VoIP system can easily connect to the provider in three simple ways which are:-


Wi-Fi and Enthernet-The VoIP phone system can easily connect to any IP address or network by using any of these two automation or technologies. The Wi-Fi is the most common and popular wireless network technology that provides wireless high speed networking and internet connections with the help of radio waves. The enthernet on the other hand is a network pact which controls how the data is transmitted over a local area network (LAN).

Soft Phones- This is an application that can easily be installed on the laptop or computer attached wit speaker and equipped with headset or microphone. It is software that allows or helps the users to make calls over the internet. It enables voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Analog Telephone Adapter- It is a simple device which is used to connect fax machines, analog telephones, etc. to a network or computer. This helps the users to make calls easily over the internet.


COST SAVING– It has been found that the average monthly cost of the traditional phone system is much higher than the Voice over Internet Protocol                  (VoIP system). The small and the big business that switch to the telepo cloud phone system reduce their international calls by up to 90% and their local calls by up to 40%.

TOUCH WITH CUSTOMERS– VoIP helps in keeping in touch with the customers who are residing overseas. The call charges are very cheap in comparison to the other. Some of the cloud phone system offers free application which helps you to call your customers from any part of the world at a much cheaper rate. With the Auto Attendant technology, the business can easily transfer calls to different departments in order to help and handle the customer’s queries.

FLEXIBILITY– When you need to make calls, it is not required that you need to be near your desktop. The cloud phone system permits you to make calls and work from anywhere with the internet connections. When the company expands or grows it needs to hire new employees, attract new customers, open new offices at different locations, etc. With such work pressure business needs to remain connected with its customers and with the cloud phone system the business and its employee’s remains in touch or connected with their customers.

PRIVACY– It helps in connecting with your customers, vendors, and drivers, etc. without revealing your phone number. It helps in connecting with the clients and vendors.

MODE OF COMMUNICATION– It helps in managing the business telephonic or communicating services with ease. It helps the business to be in touch or remain connected with its employees and clients no matter whether they are in the working place or outside the office.