4 Key Benefits that SEO Provides a Small Business Website

Search engine optimization has the ability to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners create websites that are user-friendly, fast and rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPS) of Google, Bing and Yahoo. An SEO Bay Area expert has the ability to increase the brand awareness of a business and bring in more potential customers. Here are 4 key benefits that search engine optimization provides a website that belongs to a small business owner.

Building Brand Awareness

A definite benefit of implementing search engine optimization is how it helps build brand awareness for a small business. When SEO is implemented on a site, it helps build its presence in popular search engines. This allows potential customers to become familiar with a business. When they see that the website of a business consistently ranks high in the SERPS, it builds trust for the brand and they eventually become loyal customers. This can also be done on social media sites. Social sites such as Pinterest and Twitter will have their pages indexed in the search engines. By building a profile on these sites, it helps further the presence of brand awareness.

Better Conversions

When the website of a business is search engine optimized, keywords and keyword phrases are listed on top pages of the SERPS. This helps bring in more targeted potential customers who are willing to buy services and products. If the content of the website has also been optimized to provide valuable and educational information, this will provide a positive user experience for potential customers and that’s what Google is looking for when they are evaluating sites.

User-Friendly Website Experience

An intuitive web design that is easy to use is only half of the formula for creating a user-friendly website experience. Search engine optimization completes the formula by adding keywords, videos, high-quality images and educational or informational text. SEO also includes optimizing page titles, URLs and providing a responsive design that works on mobile gadgets. When this process is complete, the pages of a business’s website will be listed in correct positions in the search engines so that users will be able to find answers for the problems and questions that they are searching for. This makes both search engine providers and customers happy and will probably result in an increase in sales.

Brings In Targeted Customers

When search engine optimization is implemented on the website of a small business or entrepreneur, it should result in bringing in more targeted customers who want to spend their dollars. An SEO expert has the ability to take certain keywords or keyword phrases and place them on specific pages of a website. Once those pages are optimized, they should get placed in the SERPS. If they are not in high positions, high-quality backlinks can be built and directed to those pages. This should help them rank in higher positions where they are more likely to be seen. A professional search engine optimization expert has the skills and knowledge to complete these strategies and tasks. Once in place and optimized, they will continue to bring in targeted customers month after month.


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