Can You Really Make a Living As a Blogger?

So you’re thinking about starting a blog for a living but you’re not sure if you can make any money from it. You’ve seen countless others online and they all seem to be generating an income, why not you? The truth is, yes, you can make a living by blogging, but don’t expect to do it overnight. Like any business, blogging takes skill, patience, and commitment in order to get it up and running to the point where you can generate substantial revenue.

Getting Started

There are a few ways to do it. Go the freelance route and offer your services to a clientele seeking writers, get hired full time by a website or company who needs a good blogger, or strike out on your own and get your a blog up and running. Freelancing or full-time work can have you earning a steady income quicker, while starting your own blog offers you the freedom to do what you want but takes longer to begin seeing real money from it. The latter is more of a crap-shoot that requires full-time dedication to establishing yourself and having other people read what you are writing about each day. But while many bloggers are generating four, five, even six-figure incomes from their blogs, countless others are still waiting for their ship to come in, toiling away with very little to see it for it financially. So while it’s possible to make a living as a blogger, you need to pick and choose your strategy for success very carefully.

Finding Your Voice

Having a distinct point of view is going to be your best ally, so it’s critical to know what your niche is going to be and sticking to it. Consider your approach and the field or subject you plan to write about and your brand will begin to develop from that design. You can offer expertise, opinion, instruction, whatever you plan to provide the reader. The more specific and specialized you are about your subject, the stronger your blog will be and that can attract views and repeat visits to your blog much quicker.

The Long Haul

Like any new enterprise, don’t expect to make large sums of money overnight. Blogging is a long-term pursuit that could take up to a year or more to generate a meaningful income, depending on the type of blog. If you’re hired by a company you will see a real revenue stream in a much shorter period of time, but for those who are starting their own thing from the ground up, be prepared to stick with it for at least six months and evaluate your progress. Are you connecting with an audience? Is your blog reaching a wide array of viewers? Has anything you written gone viral? You may not get a foothold immediately and it may take much longer than you expect to make a real impact, but plan on making a long-term commitment to this if you want to succeed.

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