How to Choose the Right Printers for Your Business

In today’s market, there are so many printers to choose from. Your business may not need all the latest features, but it’s best if the machine can meet all your productivity needs. First, consider what kinds of documents that needs to be printed and how much is printed over a given time. If you’re looking for room to grow, a more advanced model may be in order.

Cost is often the biggest consideration. It’s important to find a model you can afford but buying the cheapest printer isn’t always the best choice. Think about the cheapest that can get the expected job done. Many low-cost printers require more expensive ink or toner, so these will save you in the long run if not much printing is done. You should therefore research the costs of ink and toner before you buy a printer and find out later that the supplies are a strain on your budget.

Find a Type of Printer that Works Best

Choosing a printer requires deciding on what type of machine works best. However, there are fewer differences in terms of speed and quality between the major types than there used to be. Monochrome laser or LED printers are fine if you print mostly plain text. The cost of buying and supplying color printers is higher, but if these machines work for your productivity and budget, then they’ll serve your business well over others. Inkjet printers are still popular and for a good reason.


Some small offices only need a basic printer. Others can benefit from a higher input capacity, such as 250 pages or more. Some machines support larger trays or secondary ones for higher volumes and thicker media, such as envelopes.

There are also printers that feature automatic duplexing, or two-sided printing. Although this can slow printing, you can cut your paper usage in half by printing on both sides. You can also get more function out of a printer, depending on your choice. Multifunction printers that make photocopies, send files via email, and create electronic images of documents can help make your office more versatile.

Consider Your Office Needs

The primary considerations here include print volume. You don’t want to fill the printer tray too often. To determine the necessary print volume, track how much paper is used over a few days. Compare this number to the capacity of the input tray of any printer you’re thinking about purchasing.

Speed is a major consideration for office printers as well. An output speed of 20 pages per minute is kind of slow. Most offices can run smoothly with a range between 20 and 40 pages per minute; higher volume printers are more costly but suitable if your business requires high volume printing. Therefore, choosing the right printer for your business depends on its size and needs. Cobb Technologies can help choose the best model, digital solution, or managed IT service to support the demands of your growing business.


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