Pokemon Go Tutorial: Pokemon Go And Silph Road

Pokemon Go and Silph Road come as synonymous terms for those looking for Pokemon Go Tutorial.

What is The Silph Road?

The Silph Road is an online community focused on building a strong network of Pokemon Go lovers and enthusiasts all over the globe. It is basically a social network for Pokemon Go players where they can exchange tips and share their Pokemon Go tutorial.

If one travels to any corner of the globe, there will be a local Silph Road and friendly members who can guide you to learn about nearby Pokemon nests. Of course, it is also a perfect opportunity for a good trade to get some local species.

What Can You Find on The Silph Road?

When you visit the website of the Silph Road, you’ll find more than a Pokemon Go tutorial. It is a treasure trove of everything Pokemon Go.


This section will point you to the Global Pokedex that contains data about all Pokemons found around the world. It is the biggest catalog of Gen 1 and Gen 2 species you’ll find online. Then there is the IV Calculator that will give you an idea of the unique values of attack, defense, and stamina of your individual Pokemon. For those who do not have an idea, the Silph Road has a comprehensive move list in Pokemon Go that indicates the type, duration, power and damage per move.

The Tool section also features Species Stats that give you a good idea of the different strengths and weaknesses of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemons. If you are wondering about the distance needed to hatch eggs, the Silph Road got you covered with a complete list of 10 km eggs down to 2 km eggs. There is also a guide about the candy rewards you can get for your Buddy.

The section also lists the XP requirements for each trainer level and also indicates the bonuses you can get. Likewise, there is also a subsection on how to earn XP in Pokemon Go.

Nest Atlas

This Global Nest Atlas project involves all the members of the community. It gives you the details where you can go if you are looking for frequent spawn areas and spawn points. While everyone can file a report to add to the atlas, the community has a system to verify information and keeps what’s useful and not for them.

Pokemon Go News And Tips

The best Pokemon Go tutorials can be found on the Silph Road and it keeps all enthusiasts informed of the latest developments on everything Pokemon Go. The posts are not on a daily basis but it surely covers every important development in the Pokemon Go world.


Another interesting section on the Silph Road is devoted to research about Pokemon Go. This section basically features detailed studies on all you Pokemon Go concerns that you might have such as Pokemon evolution, rarity, hatching, throw bonuses, among others.

Whether you are a total newbie or an expert on Pokemon Go, the Silph Road offers an excellent platform to learn more and share your expertise to others.

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