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Microsoft Dynamics AX is an industry leader in the integration of cloud services into businesses. It’s designed to meet the needs of large and growing businesses, and provides an excellent return on investment by centralizing and streamlining your processes. It supports a broad range of industries, and offers built-in capabilities for multiple currencies, languages, and specific financial requirements for 36 countries.

Familiar, Intuitive Interfaces

The Microsoft brand is familiar across the globe. Rather than spending valuable training and onboarding time teaching new employees how to interface with the software, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with Microsoft AX. The Role Center and interface tailored to an employee’s role will help them handle the demands of their position, managing workflow so they can focus on their job. The collaboration and data analysis tools further streamline processes. Previously costly time sinks become opportunities to fit more work into the day.The powerful connections created by the software, both those within your team and the ones that branch out to customers and partners, support your business at every level.

The Human Resources suite has an employee self-service portal that enables your employees to take control of their career and progress. You’ll be able to track performance, map employee skills, and plan and execute training. Need to create clear selection criteria for new hires? There are also tools for recruitment, too.

There’s also a full range of reporting tools available both to you and to your employees. Increasing visibility of processes gives you the oversight you need in order to run your business. If you’ve been wondering where the inefficiencies are in your supply chain, or how to optimize your human resource management, the Business Intelligence tools at your disposal will lay all of the information at your fingertips to empower you to make the best possible decisions for your business’s future.

Helping You Grow

Transitioning your business to new software costs human and financial resources; that’s why you need a system like Microsoft Dynamics AX which can scale with your business. It works with traditional as well as distributed business models, and new products can be added and seamlessly integrated as the need arises. If your manufacturing volume suddenly increases, that’s not the time to discover that your software can’t handle the financial regulations in the country where your new office is planned to open.

Need to make decisions on the go? Packages are available that make reporting and analysis data available without logging into AX. Worried about compliance issues as your business grows? The Compliance Center helps you disseminate policies, manage best practices, identify risks, and create clear documentation for later use in audits. Need to forecast demand in order to make purchasing decisions? Tailored analysis will help you do so. Need to find the most efficient order of dispatching field services? Let algorithms handle those decisions, while you make the higher-level calls.


Whether your business is in the service, manufacturing, or retail industry, Microsoft Dynamics AX can confidently meet your needs. Give AX the chance to strengthen your business infrastructure today.

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